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Last night’s synchtube transcript

    Here it is. Thanks everyone for an interesting hour’s chat.

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Descending the Trees

Could ‘digital culture’ refer to ‘an essentially heterogeneous reality’, a flattened ‘plane of consistency’ where’lines of segmentarity’ and ‘lines of flight’ weave into each other, excluding a dichotomy, and a relationship of power, a rhizome in one word (Deleuze & … Continue reading

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Lifestream Week 2

I am finding the summary of logos postings, comments and image uploads that I engage in across a typical work week an interesting observational sport.  I did a bit of analysis of the keywords and phrases in my postings across … Continue reading

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tech update

hello all! Just a few brief points about various course technology related stuff. 1. Logging in: you may have noticed at the start of the course that the ‘login’ links on your own blogs weren’t working properly – they should … Continue reading

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Recollections of the first few years of the net

While reading Bell (2001) I was reminded of the time in the late 1960s and early 1970s when cyberculture was beginning.. and how quickly it grew after basic computer access and communication became possible.  We are social beings. Let me recall … Continue reading

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Post Scriptum …

… to my Week 1 Lifestream Summary. I went for a wordle representation of the beginnings of my lifestream because I feel it is still in its infancy, when it’s being shaped out of a mass of disorganised threads, scraps … Continue reading

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Week one: Floating down the lifestream…..

  The first week of getting my Lifestream going has been challenging both in terms of getting to grips with the technology of the blog and conceiving a way of having a Lifestream that is not too random a collection … Continue reading

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Other Worlds in Serious Games

Simulations of real or imagined worlds have been used for many years to assist in training. One of my favourite simulated games is the PlayStation Gran Turismo series… our long loved Toyota MR2, now no longer with us, is still available … Continue reading

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Other Worlds in Film – Avatar and Pandora

The detailed realisation of Pandora, its geography, flora and fauna by James Cameron and his creative team for the film “Avatar” is a good example of the detailed imagination and background hard science that goes into the creation of an … Continue reading

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Nuestro Bendito Machine

I’ve been re-watching the excellent Bendito Machine and have decide to notionally “tag” sections of the piece with my own titles.  You can read this either as my interpretation of the story or as a (tongue in cheek) political manifesto. … Continue reading

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