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a posthuman ant a lifestream

Make a rhizome. But you don’t know what you can make a rhizome with, you don’t know which subterranean stem is going to make a rhizome, or enter a becoming, people your desert. So, experiment. (Deleuze &Guattari, 1987: 246)   … Continue reading

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Posthuman(esque) Pedagogy?

Is it possible to create a space where these two species of knowledge can meet and mingle? (Pedersen, 2010: 241). I found this question to be crucial when considering educability of the posthuman. What Pedersen meant in her article was … Continue reading

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Descending the Trees

Could ‘digital culture’ refer to ‘an essentially heterogeneous reality’, a flattened ‘plane of consistency’ where’lines of segmentarity’ and ‘lines of flight’ weave into each other, excluding a dichotomy, and a relationship of power, a rhizome in one word (Deleuze & … Continue reading

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