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a posthuman ant a lifestream

Make a rhizome. But you don’t know what you can make a rhizome with, you don’t know which subterranean stem is going to make a rhizome, or enter a becoming, people your desert. So, experiment. (Deleuze &Guattari, 1987: 246)   … Continue reading

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Posthuman week 11

While trying to crack posthuman pedagogy, the ideas put forward by Gough (2004) struck me as potentially good guidelines. Toward the end of his paper, he criticises the Cyborg Manifesto, which, in his opinion, although firmly grounded in situated knowledge, cyborg … Continue reading

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Lifestream 3

My perception of the lifestream is undergoing a constant change and as it is being felted to use a rhizome-related metaphor (Bayne, 2004). First I saw it as a mere aggregating tool. Thanks to Carol’s post, I saw it’s something … Continue reading

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Descending the Trees

Could ‘digital culture’ refer to ‘an essentially heterogeneous reality’, a flattened ‘plane of consistency’ where’lines of segmentarity’ and ‘lines of flight’ weave into each other, excluding a dichotomy, and a relationship of power, a rhizome in one word (Deleuze & … Continue reading

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