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Archive for October, 2011

Lifestream 5

• 24/10/2011

I look at my lifestream and see a sea of blue buttons signifying the resources I diigoed on the web. Among them float orange dots and occasionally a more pictorial and so more picturesque youtube video. They are like sequins or gems among the dominant bookmarking activity. There were more of them last week – [...]

Lifestream 4

• 18/10/2011

While discussing uncanny pedagogies, Bayne (2010) lists Lifestream as an example of something that captures the spectrality of one’s digital existence. What is this digital existence? Hook (2005 in Bayne, 2010) deconstructs it as a ‘disembodied presence’ and, what is more interesting, an ‘embodied absence’. Although the latter refers to the presence of our representation [...]

Limit to Limitlessness?

• 18/10/2011

The ‘unheimliche’ liquidises boundaries in various areas of ontological significance and so disrupts the sense of presence, time, space, nodding to Delueze and Guattari’s interweaving concepts of deterritorialisation and reterritorialisation. Due to that, online learners and tutors are rendered as spectres and ghosts often experiencing an ontological dissonance, being at a loss where to position [...]

Lo and behold …

• 14/10/2011

My visual artefact on the theme of dystopia and technology …. A bit of background: To paraphrase Lennon, my visual artefact is what happens while you’re busy planning something else. The original idea was to be neutral -something that would combine dystopic and utopian views and possibly blur the dichotomy of the opposite outlooks in [...]

Lifestream 3

• 11/10/2011

My perception of the lifestream is undergoing a constant change and as it is being felted to use a rhizome-related metaphor (Bayne, 2004). First I saw it as a mere aggregating tool. Thanks to Carol’s post, I saw it’s something richer than just a piece of software recording my online activity (like a kind of [...]

The Monster is Within

• 03/10/2011

While reading Margrit Shildrick’s paper on monsters, I couldn’t help seeing parallels between a female body she uses as an exponent of a monstrous body and a digital body (being it an individual avatar or technology in general). Shildrick lists characteristics of female bodies (and the bodies of other ‘others’) such as leaky, unstable, labile, [...]

Lifestream 2

• 03/10/2011

Still playing with my stream, mastering it (by the way ‘master’ is an anagram of ‘stream’). What does ‘stream’ mean? To discover what it means for me, I invite you to play with the letters below: