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Archive for November, 2011

Posthuman(esque) Pedagogy?

• 26/11/2011

Is it possible to create a space where these two species of knowledge can meet and mingle? (Pedersen, 2010: 241). I found this question to be crucial when considering educability of the posthuman. What Pedersen meant in her article was the boundary work between animal and education studies but it could be extended to whole [...]

Posthuman lifestream

• 21/11/2011

This is more of a private confession, ‘the truth of my body’, perhaps in vein with l’ecriture feminine, but informed by the last two weeks’posthumanist readings lifestreamed on the blog (click on the yellow phrases to see the relevant feeds). I kept quiet partly because I needed space to let the ideas sink in and [...]

Lifestream 7

• 14/11/2011

I spent the whole week 7 in the field, tracking down the connections between people, sites and doings within the chosen community (#eltchat). The idea of connectivity established by the three components appealed to me a lot. While jumping from one place to another, trying to polish the final shape of my ethnography, I kept [...]

Playing at being an ethnographer

• 06/11/2011

Designing the ethnography was a tough task and I spent a lot of time, perhaps too much, preparing for it and then writing it up. Towards the end I felt it grew out of proportions and somehow took over me, to an extent that I could not figure out how to put it into a [...]

Lifestream 6

• 06/11/2011

Week 6 meant starting work on the ethnography and so the lifestream featured notes from the field and  bookmarks to related resources. However, for me it was still about visuality. The notion of a visual turn got deeply buried into my consciousness and although it’s still something I’m struggling with conceptually I cannot resist its [...]