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a posthuman ant a lifestream

• 11/12/2011

Make a rhizome. But you don’t know what you can make a rhizome with, you don’t know which subterranean stem is going to make a rhizome, or enter a becoming, people your desert. So, experiment. (Deleuze &Guattari, 1987: 246)   This text participates in the process of gathering (Edwards, 2010:5) spun over twelve weeks of [...]

Posthuman week 11

• 10/12/2011

While trying to crack posthuman pedagogy, the ideas put forward by Gough (2004) struck me as potentially good guidelines. Toward the end of his paper, he criticises the Cyborg Manifesto, which, in his opinion, although firmly grounded in situated knowledge, cyborg ontology and border pedagogy lacks the art, the humour and the paradox of Deleuze’s rhizome. [...]

Visual week 10

• 09/12/2011

The term visual turn stuck to me the moment I heard it, mostly because of its interpretive openness and democracy of relations with  no embedded subordination. The visual syntax resembles a rhizome more than a Chomskyan tree. Visually, the day is ‘a day of encountering significant objects rather than action-events’ (Kress, 2005). A day … [...]

Posthuman lifestream

• 21/11/2011

This is more of a private confession, ‘the truth of my body’, perhaps in vein with l’ecriture feminine, but informed by the last two weeks’posthumanist readings lifestreamed on the blog (click on the yellow phrases to see the relevant feeds). I kept quiet partly because I needed space to let the ideas sink in and [...]

Lifestream 7

• 14/11/2011

I spent the whole week 7 in the field, tracking down the connections between people, sites and doings within the chosen community (#eltchat). The idea of connectivity established by the three components appealed to me a lot. While jumping from one place to another, trying to polish the final shape of my ethnography, I kept [...]

Lifestream 6

• 06/11/2011

Week 6 meant starting work on the ethnography and so the lifestream featured notes from the field and  bookmarks to related resources. However, for me it was still about visuality. The notion of a visual turn got deeply buried into my consciousness and although it’s still something I’m struggling with conceptually I cannot resist its [...]

Lifestream 5

• 24/10/2011

I look at my lifestream and see a sea of blue buttons signifying the resources I diigoed on the web. Among them float orange dots and occasionally a more pictorial and so more picturesque youtube video. They are like sequins or gems among the dominant bookmarking activity. There were more of them last week – [...]

Lifestream 4

• 18/10/2011

While discussing uncanny pedagogies, Bayne (2010) lists Lifestream as an example of something that captures the spectrality of one’s digital existence. What is this digital existence? Hook (2005 in Bayne, 2010) deconstructs it as a ‘disembodied presence’ and, what is more interesting, an ‘embodied absence’. Although the latter refers to the presence of our representation [...]

Lifestream 3

• 11/10/2011

My perception of the lifestream is undergoing a constant change and as it is being felted to use a rhizome-related metaphor (Bayne, 2004). First I saw it as a mere aggregating tool. Thanks to Carol’s post, I saw it’s something richer than just a piece of software recording my online activity (like a kind of [...]

Lifestream 2

• 03/10/2011

Still playing with my stream, mastering it (by the way ‘master’ is an anagram of ‘stream’). What does ‘stream’ mean? To discover what it means for me, I invite you to play with the letters below: