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Limit to Limitlessness?

• 18/10/2011

The ‘unheimliche’ liquidises boundaries in various areas of ontological significance and so disrupts the sense of presence, time, space, nodding to Delueze and Guattari’s interweaving concepts of deterritorialisation and reterritorialisation. Due to that, online learners and tutors are rendered as spectres and ghosts often experiencing an ontological dissonance, being at a loss where to position [...]

The Monster is Within

• 03/10/2011

While reading Margrit Shildrick’s paper on monsters, I couldn’t help seeing parallels between a female body she uses as an exponent of a monstrous body and a digital body (being it an individual avatar or technology in general). Shildrick lists characteristics of female bodies (and the bodies of other ‘others’) such as leaky, unstable, labile, [...]

Post Scriptum …

• 27/09/2011

… to my Week 1 Lifestream Summary. I went for a wordle representation of the beginnings of my lifestream because I feel it is still in its infancy, when it’s being shaped out of a mass of disorganised threads, scraps and traces left by me on the Web. I wove the word cloud with short [...]

Deus ex Machina

• 24/09/2011

eXistenZ is advertised as a statement about how humans and the surrounding technologies interact with each other and the most common interaction pattern seems to be that of constant blurring and penetration, including ‘surgical penetration’ in the form of a ‘bio-port’.   These bio-ports are quite interesting in a sense that they are linked to [...]

Love Thy Tech

• 22/09/2011

Synopsis: A man goes up a big mountain where, in answer to his invocation and in a flood of eerie light, a machine descends from heavens. He brings it down to his compatriots who immediately knock down a bull from the pedestal and start worshipping the Machine. The TV Set, as the machine turns out [...]

Testing the waters

• 12/09/2011

Funny – my original plan was to erase this post but seeing how the comments followed my seemingly insignificant announcement ‘Hurrah I got in’, I decided to write up a post summarising my ideas spurred by the conversation below (perhaps a new precedent in blog writing?;-) When musing over the term ‘digital culture’, I thought [...]