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Limit to Limitlessness?

• 18/10/2011

The ‘unheimliche’ liquidises boundaries in various areas of ontological significance and so disrupts the sense of presence, time, space, nodding to Delueze and Guattari’s interweaving concepts of deterritorialisation and reterritorialisation. Due to that, online learners and tutors are rendered as spectres and ghosts often experiencing an ontological dissonance, being at a loss where to position [...]

The Monster is Within

• 03/10/2011

While reading Margrit Shildrick’s paper on monsters, I couldn’t help seeing parallels between a female body she uses as an exponent of a monstrous body and a digital body (being it an individual avatar or technology in general). Shildrick lists characteristics of female bodies (and the bodies of other ‘others’) such as leaky, unstable, labile, [...]

Descending the Trees

• 30/09/2011

Could ‘digital culture’ refer to ‘an essentially heterogeneous reality’, a flattened ‘plane of consistency’ where’lines of segmentarity’ and ‘lines of flight’ weave into each other, excluding a dichotomy, and a relationship of power, a rhizome in one word (Deleuze & Guattari, 1987). My analysis of a term into a root word and a modifier can [...]

Moveo ergo sum

• 25/09/2011

I am a human and as such I am rational, autonomous and have free-will, right? Yet, why do I so often tremble, unsure of myself and world around me? Why do I feel I am on a constant quest, unable to settle down, unable to be ‘one’, but undergoing transformation and fragmentation, me being an [...]