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Gallery-in-a-book asks the students to create a series of images linked to each other via content, form, method. The online gallery created this way was made part of the Liquid Reader project. Some of the questions asked by the project coordinator and participants are as follows:

  • Can a book ‘contain’ an art gallery?
  • Is everyone an artist and a media producer today?
  • What would Barthes and Foucault say?

Can a book contain an art gallery? Define the ‘book’, define ‘art’, define ‘gallery’ … How about conceptualising a book as a gallery where exhibitions are curated, reading and viewing performances held? If the EDC space is a liquid book co-written and co-edited by all of us (blog posts, lifestreams, comments), then part of it is the gallery of the artefacts created in the first half of the course.


My series is concerned with the notion of reflection. Reflection as an image reflected in a mirror or a surface, the subject/object but not really the subject/object; the double shone back to the original, an ideal version, a warped version, decentring the self via fragmenting it, letting it see itself by means of the other? Reflection as in turning one’s thought back on the topic of the self perhaps?

Reflected (upon) ... inside a rusty pipe

Reflected (upon) ... in a widow pane

Reflected (upon) ... in a pavement

Reflected (upon) ... in a wing mirror

Reflected (upon) ... on a wall

Reflected (upon) ... in rain droplets

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