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About Me

Things are not what they are, they are what they become (Bachelard)

Perambulation stimulates the imagination (William Boyd)

I am … not yet … I am what I become.

The likeness of words ‘wander’ and ‘wonder’ has always appealed to me – one little vowel and the meaning changes; for me, different as they are, they are inseparable though. I like to think of a life as a journey with little regard for the points of departure or destination. It’s what happens in between, planned or unplanned, that has more value for me. While meandering, pressing forward, backtracking or sometimes strolling aimlessly, I live and grow. I consider myself to be a collector of impressions, sounds, images and textures, memories and recollections, sometimes vivid, sometimes transient, fleeting like butterflies or moths. Every now and again in this chaos of this nomadic wander, I experience a little epiphany. Hope this course, another quest, will bring a couple of them too …

Wandering Shadows

A more down-to-earth profile can be found here.

31 Responses to “About Me”

  1.   Grace Elliott Says:

    Hi Ania,

    Wow! your lifestream looks fantastic, and you’ve been so busy. Where do you find the time? So you’re not only a philosopher you’re also a whizz with Web 2.0 technology. I’m impressed. :)


  2.   Ania Rolińska Says:

    Hi Grace, thanks for your kind words:-) I’m neither a philosopher nor a computer whizz; I just click around and sometimes get things right. To be honest, I am not a great web surfer so the lifestream made me (and still does) feel a bit apprehnesive, it’s a bit like groping in the dark but I hope I’m getting there (?) In fact I feel there might be something emerging from these feeds. For instance, I found tumblr very useful as a way of documenting my ploughing through the background text but at one moment I started looking for images to help me think about concepts and this way I found links to other useful resources. Also, playing around with the images somehow helped me see different things in a new light. I liked it even though I couldn’t sleep later as my head was full of pictures fermenting with the bits of texts read online. I can see from your profile you’re into photography (and so am I) so maybe that could work for you too?

    As to time, well, at the weekend, in the evenings and at night, I’m slowly changing into a zombie.

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