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a posthuman ant a lifestream

• 11/12/2011

Make a rhizome. But you don’t know what you can make a rhizome with, you don’t know which subterranean stem is going to make a rhizome, or enter a becoming, people your desert. So, experiment. (Deleuze &Guattari, 1987: 246)   This text participates in the process of gathering (Edwards, 2010:5) spun over twelve weeks of [...]

Lifestream 3

• 11/10/2011

My perception of the lifestream is undergoing a constant change and as it is being felted to use a rhizome-related metaphor (Bayne, 2004). First I saw it as a mere aggregating tool. Thanks to Carol’s post, I saw it’s something richer than just a piece of software recording my online activity (like a kind of [...]

Lifestream 2

• 03/10/2011

Still playing with my stream, mastering it (by the way ‘master’ is an anagram of ‘stream’). What does ‘stream’ mean? To discover what it means for me, I invite you to play with the letters below:

Post Scriptum …

• 27/09/2011

… to my Week 1 Lifestream Summary. I went for a wordle representation of the beginnings of my lifestream because I feel it is still in its infancy, when it’s being shaped out of a mass of disorganised threads, scraps and traces left by me on the Web. I wove the word cloud with short [...]

Lifestream 1

• 25/09/2011