GA-MMA Virtual Ethnography

My ethnographic study was of the GA-MMA group… the Gerry Anderson Model Makers’ Alliance. The study is at: Please leave any comments here.

B(at), Be, … Z…

It’s Halloween from bat, from AT, and this time its not Ai but from Be… and what’s that about Z? See the Holyrood Park blog entry.

Lifestream Week 6

There was an excuse provided by the subject of study on IDEL11 in the last week to look at a “Personal Learning Environment (PLE)”, e-Portfolios like “PebblePad” and “Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)” like WebCT/Blackboard and Moodle. This was actually quite timely as I was getting concerned that the volume of assets I was creating for [...]

Ai, Ai, Ai …

The automated recloning worked just as planned… and after a server upgrade to OpenSim 0.7.2 Dev Master r/17006 the two autoreplacing clones I had set up on the Avatar Identity region reappeared …

A, B, C … Z

Ai, Be, Clones … Zap. I have been putting off upgrades to the Openvue region that hold the AI – Avatar Identity digital artifact… because I have gown quite fond of all those clones and the amusing and strange positions they have adopted as objects and the breeze have moved them a bit and they [...]

Lifestream Week 5

My lifestream shows continued commenting on Digital Artifact entries for classmates… and I produced a few more images of my own artifact. There were some very amusing visual effects when I entered the OpenSim region on which the artifact is based and continues to develop as avatars slide about, knock into one another, start bouncing [...]

Ethnographic Studies on GA-MMA

After some discussion with the group and my tutor, Sian, I have chosen to do my ethnographic study on the Gerry Anderson Model Makers’ Alliance (GA-MMA). I did some preparatory work, got some facts and figures together, etc. I started the report itself , as is my working style, on the web page at [...]

AI – Avatar Identity – Beneath

An ususual view from under the water looking to all the clones and avatars above the water’s surface. Following a rescue trip to bring out stranded avatars (me, he, she, us, them) who had got knocked into the water…

AI – Avatar Indentity – Machinima

YouTube Video at

Lifestream Week 4

“Digital Artifact – AI – Avatar Identity” The week’s lifestream entries reflected the work that went into the production of the digital artifact for the Digital Cultures course at and related experimentation with non-player character (NPC) production via scripts in OpenSim. I use this to produce avatar clones in various outfits in a fantastical [...]

Aldebaran Nau Demo in Edinburgh

The Aldebaran Robotics Nao European Tour for educators was in town today, and I went along to see the robot and its software interfaces being demonstrated.

Life Wall Pro – Places as an Anchor for Life Events

I am continuing to explore ideas in using my “Life Wall” for professional and academic purposes, such as presentation of a scientist’s thematic contributions and achievements. I have been testing out ways to describe professional life events as “Placemarks” described in KML and to add them to Google Earth or Google Maps. An example on [...]

Exploring the EduNation Regions in Second Life

This is a mixed use and mixed institution educational area, with a number of plots used by a range of Universities, coverages and academic groups. There are a number of “classrooms in the sky” on various levels. (Castle to Overlook the Region) (High Dive Platform) On arrival and initial exploration, the area is [...]

AI – Avatar Identity – Digital Artifact

Ai & Be – Avatar Internet Chat Design rationale, background, video, extended artifact and live artifact visiting details:

Avatar to Avatar Chatbots

My two avatar MyCyberTwin OpenSim chatting away together in OpenSim. Part of an exercise for the Digital Cultures EDC11 Digital Artifact exercise: At least they don’t bicker like some recent chatbot to chatbot chat experiments:

Fast, Far, Forever

I have always been fascinated by fast cars, advanced planes and spacecraft and there is a thread running through my interests which I have been able to explore while creating my “Life Wall” – as part of the MSc in e-Learning Digital Cultures course – so this blog post fills in some background. Fast [...]

Lifestream Week 3

The White Screen of (Slow) Death The week was characterised for me by being on travel and working with mobile devices and a slow 3G connection. It is a time to remember that not all our students and distance learners are on fast broadband networks, and every item of content, image and thumbnail download and [...]

@ – THE symbol of Digital Culture

@ is perhaps the iconic symbol of digital culture and computer use. More so even than the ubiquitous “www.”. The @ symbol we all use in e-mail came about very early on in the development of computer networks and inter-personal collaboration. In fact it was used on some of the very first Digital Equipment Company [...]

Who is Me, My Avatar and His Clone

Experiments with avatar cloning facilities as a basis for non-player characters (NPCs) in the latest development versions of OpenSim… for a possible visual artifact as part of the MSc in e-Learning Digital Cultures Course.

Through the Keyhole

I am travelling this week and in a location with no broadband or desktop computer. When travelling like this, I usually use a mobile device and 3G wireless access and limit myself to basic e-mail and a few low bandwidth browser operations. I make notes and lists of things to do on my return. But [...]