I, PI, … Eye

I have been working on my Digital Cultures course final project for a couple of weeks now. It is a study of Identity, Avatar and On-line Identity, Community Identity and the use of an Analytical Eye over these topics. http://atate.org/ai/pi/ I would welcome feedback from anyone who has a look at the artifact in its [...]

Lifestream Week 10

Posthuman Pedagogy I got ahead with my contribution to the posthuman pedagogy and produced my input over the weekend, entitled “Think Like a Robot”. So I was able to provide it to the class at the very start of the week for discussion. Some commenting on this and other entries as they came in towards [...]

Posthuman Pedagogy – Think Like a Robot

See http://atate.org/mscel/think/ When discussing the nature of an individual’s beliefs about intelligence, knowledge or the learning process, I have noticed in a number of discussion forum threads on EDEDC and ULOE11 where it can be a useful device to put oneself into the position of an artificial intelligence agent, knowledge-based computer system or a robot. [...]

Meta Body – Try an Out of Your Body Experience

A very beautifully designed Second Life region is worth exploring. I suggest you arrive in the Meta_Body area first. Use this teleport link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Porto/132/109/703 Look at the (freely available) avatars to explore your identity and see which feel strange to you, and some which might appeal. Consider why (Bayne, 2008). There are a few male [...]

Lifestream Week 9

I was pleased that David Richardson (Twitter @_djcr) was able to join in Digital Cultures as my class friend for discussions on “The Posthuman” for the current two week block. After an exchange between us about a couple of the readings (Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto and Pickering’s Asian Eels and Global Warming) he has been [...]

AI, Cyborgs and Robots

When discussing the nature of an individual’s beliefs about intelligence, knowledge or the learning process, I have noticed in a number of discussion forum threads on EDEDC and ULOE11 that it can be a useful device to refer to an artificial intelligence agent, knowledge-based computer systems or robot. Hayles (1999, pp 23-24) mentioned Philip Dick’s [...]

Lifestream Week 8

The work on digital ethnographies dribbled over into this week with continuing comments on the ethnographic studies of others in the class, and feedback to those kindly commenting on my own ethnographic study on the GA-MMA community. I made a few changes to the study artifact to take into account some suggestions made. The refined [...]

Spacewar – virtual worlds circa 1972

You may be amused to read an account of virtual worlds and computer gaming circa 1962 to 1972. You needed imagination to play then! As you needed imagination for the MUDs and MOOs of the early 1980s. This is an on-line version of an article in Rolling Stone magazine of 7th December 1972 entitled SPACEWAR [...]

Posthuman – Connected

“Posthuman” as a term is used quite widely and in flowery prose for a range of aggregations of human and other external entities… machinery as in the cyborg, with bionic devices, sensitivity to the environment, connections with others, remote sensing capability beyond normal human sensing, etc. A person “connected the Internet” by whatever means seems [...]

EDEDC Class Friend – David Richardson

This is a links page for the convenience of my class friend, David Richardson (Twitter @_djcr) http://edc11.education.ed.ac.uk/week-by-week/block-3-cyborg-learners/ …/block-3-cyborg-learners/weeks-8-9/ …/block-3-cyborg-learners/weeks-8-9/bring-a-friend-to-class-2/ …/block-3-cyborg-learners/weeks-8-9/weeks-8-9-readings/ …/block-3-cyborg-learners/weeks-8-9/discussion-questions-week-8/ tweet using #ededc wallwisher wall http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/posthuman2011

Lifestream Week 7

The EDC11 ethnographic study was completed over the weekend, and provided to allow comments by others on 31st October. It was very interesting to see the other studies as they slowly became available… and I commented on those where I had some inputs to give. It was also Halloween of course, so I could not [...]

Another Planet

I have been cooking up another project…. the appeal of utopian “Other Worlds” and projecting identities into them (see Gee, 2003). The creative experience of imagineering such a world, making it plausible and “real”, and inhabiting it in a social context is something I want to explore more. I am initially building some images related [...]