BAT Life Wall

BAT Life Wall v0

BAT Life Wall v0

I have been inspired by the WallWisher and ideas for creative media in some of the course guides for the MSc in e-Learning… and have begun to think of ways to explore the use of tags and clippings to let someone tell their life story in unstructured, time line and narrative ways.

I wanted to look at the idea of your life in 2 x HD screens of display space.  My trial setup is called 2 x HD x bat (my initial and long time computer login name). Spoken in a spelled out way as “two” “times” “h” “d” “times” “b” “a” “t”.

This might be useful for some of the assignments on the Digital Cultures course too :-)

  • Siân Bayne says:

    Welcome Austin! Love the life wall idea – a kind of visual/spatial parallel to the more temporally-focused lifestream – nice : )

    Admirably memorable login too…

    • Austin Tate says:

      I found that a timeline and trying to put things on it gave a structure. BUT… once you start thinking about this it rakes up all sorts of (mostly VERY fond) memories. Some things I have not thought about in years.

      I promise to share a photo (scanned at the weekend) of me age 1 sometime during the course on my life wall :-) My wife wondered what the heck I was doing rooting round in cupboards and asking all sorts of questions about when we did things.

      It could be a massive time sink though… as it forces you to start to get sometimes long misplaced resources together.

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