Lifestream Summary – Digital Cultures 2011

I, Me – Course Introductions I was intrigued by the course introductions and it gave me a change to bring out some of my interests, many of which have involved Internet collaboration on shared digital artworks and models. This kicked off some work on a personal “Life Wall” which was fun. Only a small number [...]

Lifestream – Week 12

Final Assignements The majority of my work on the course finished last week, and I am now engaged mostly in reading over again selected papers that are relevant to my essays and final assignments on the EDC11, IDEL11 and ULOE11 courses. Some Lifestream events relate to tidying up and preparing extra screen shots for some [...]

Lifestream Week 11

On my research project related to supporting the OpenVCE communities I was engaged in setting up a new group portal on the APAN (All Partners Access Network) hosted by the US Government for non-classified work between government agencies, NGOs, organisation and individuals across the world. This replaces the previous HarmonieWeb portal. the APAN network uses [...]

Lifestream Week 10

Posthuman Pedagogy I got ahead with my contribution to the posthuman pedagogy and produced my input over the weekend, entitled “Think Like a Robot”. So I was able to provide it to the class at the very start of the week for discussion. Some commenting on this and other entries as they came in towards [...]

Lifestream Week 9

I was pleased that David Richardson (Twitter @_djcr) was able to join in Digital Cultures as my class friend for discussions on “The Posthuman” for the current two week block. After an exchange between us about a couple of the readings (Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto and Pickering’s Asian Eels and Global Warming) he has been [...]

Lifestream Week 8

The work on digital ethnographies dribbled over into this week with continuing comments on the ethnographic studies of others in the class, and feedback to those kindly commenting on my own ethnographic study on the GA-MMA community. I made a few changes to the study artifact to take into account some suggestions made. The refined [...]

Lifestream Week 7

The EDC11 ethnographic study was completed over the weekend, and provided to allow comments by others on 31st October. It was very interesting to see the other studies as they slowly became available… and I commented on those where I had some inputs to give. It was also Halloween of course, so I could not [...]

Lifestream Week 6

There was an excuse provided by the subject of study on IDEL11 in the last week to look at a “Personal Learning Environment (PLE)”, e-Portfolios like “PebblePad” and “Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)” like WebCT/Blackboard and Moodle. This was actually quite timely as I was getting concerned that the volume of assets I was creating for [...]

Lifestream Week 5

My lifestream shows continued commenting on Digital Artifact entries for classmates… and I produced a few more images of my own artifact. There were some very amusing visual effects when I entered the OpenSim region on which the artifact is based and continues to develop as avatars slide about, knock into one another, start bouncing [...]

Lifestream Week 4

“Digital Artifact – AI – Avatar Identity” The week’s lifestream entries reflected the work that went into the production of the digital artifact for the Digital Cultures course at and related experimentation with non-player character (NPC) production via scripts in OpenSim. I use this to produce avatar clones in various outfits in a fantastical [...]

Lifestream Week 3

The White Screen of (Slow) Death The week was characterised for me by being on travel and working with mobile devices and a slow 3G connection. It is a time to remember that not all our students and distance learners are on fast broadband networks, and every item of content, image and thumbnail download and [...]

Lifestream Week 2

I am finding the summary of logos postings, comments and image uploads that I engage in across a typical work week an interesting observational sport.  I did a bit of analysis of the keywords and phrases in my postings across (for EDEDC11) and Holyrood Park (for IDEL11)  and a Wordle scatter diagram of the [...]

Lifestream Week 1

My Lifestream was set up on Monday 19th September 2011, and allowed to import activity in a number of feeds backdated to 1st September, so there were quite a few initial records. I blog and tweet as myself and as my virtual words avatar “Ai Austin”, often for very different purposes and roles, so I [...]

Welcome to my MSc in e-Learning EDC11 Blog

I am pleased to announce the creation of my bog for the MSc in e-Learning at Feeds on my LifeStream are being aggregated from myself and my virtual worlds avatar “Ai Austin”.  They initially include Twitter (@batate and @aiaiaustin), WellWisher walls and the Virtual Collaboration Environment where I frequently post content.