E-learning and Digital Cultures 2011

part of the MSc in E-learning at the University of Edinburgh

E-learning and Digital Cultures 2011

Semester starts today

Welcome all to the official start of semester! It’s great to have you on EDC this year.

We still have a few people arriving so the list of course participants may yet change, but basically we are all on board and raring to go.

Start tweeting to the course group any time, using the #ededc hashtag. And remember to get your lifestreams set up over this week, if you haven’t already, and to contribute to the wallwisher, which is already looking great.

We’ll see you online tomorrow night for the first of our film festival synchtube chats. Don’t worry if you haven’t done all the readings and so on by then – the main aim is to meet each other for a bit of semi-formal watching, discussing, virtual popcorn-eating and socialising around our movies. Looking forward to it.

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