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E-learning and Digital Cultures 2011

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Last night’s synchtube transcript

    Here it is. Thanks everyone for an interesting hour’s chat.

tech update

hello all! Just a few brief points about various course technology related stuff. 1. Logging in: you may have noticed at the start of the course that the ‘login’ links on your own blogs weren’t working properly – they should be now. So if you are not already logged in via EASE when you arrive [...]

Welcome to Week 2!

Week 1 has been very active ,and it is great to see the blogs and lifestreams starting to take shape – congratulations to everyone who’s been able to get their heads round the various course environments! The Synchtube screening was super, and the film festival twittorial has raised some insightful ideas and suggestions. It is [...]

Film nominations!

I’m trying to pull together the suggestions for additional movies as they come through on twitter – let me know if I’ve missed any, and keep them coming : ) Carol suggests: Inception (great for the ‘worlds’ theme too); Metropolis; the opening of Westworld on cyborg holidays (another good ‘worlds’ one) Neil posts Gattaca (post-humanism [...]

Chat transcript

Here’s the transcript from Tuesday evening’s chat. Thanks to everyone who came along and made it so enjoyable – next one is Thursday 29th at 8pm. Remember the ‘twittorial’ continues until Sunday, so do keep tweeting thoughts on all this week’s movies and the dystopia theme. synchtube session 1

Semester starts today

Welcome all to the official start of semester! It’s great to have you on EDC this year. We still have a few people arriving so the list of course participants may yet change, but basically we are all on board and raring to go. Start tweeting to the course group any time, using the #ededc [...]

Welcome to ‘E-learning and digital cultures’

Welcome to all University of Edinburgh MSc in E-learning students who are studying this course over semester 1, September – December 2011. This fragment of the web is where much of the activity for our work over the coming weeks will be located – link from here to our discussion board, your blog, your lifestream [...]

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