E-learning and Digital Cultures 2011

part of the MSc in E-learning at the University of Edinburgh

E-learning and Digital Cultures 2011

Week 8 is here….

Welcome to block 3 – time has gone quickly and this is our final course section.

The micro-ethnographies are coming together – still a couple to come but the majority are in and looking terrific. We suggest spending a few more days commenting on ones you may not have had a chance to see or discuss yet, alongside getting to grips with this week’s activities.

Block 3 is concerned with the over-arching theme of posthumanism, and we start with some readings aimed at orientation to this complex set of ideas. Hayles and Haraway are the classics, but you might do best to start with Pickering for an accessible introduction, if you’re unfamiliar with this area of thought. Either way, you’ll probably want to spend a lot of weeks 8 and 9 just reading and thinking as you work your way through some of these readings. You’ll find some discussion questions to help you – blog your thoughts if that seems appropriate and post a tweet when you have a blog post to share with the group.

When you’re ready, post your contribution(s) to our collaborative story of being posthuman in Wallwisher – you can do this anytime this week or next.

Please also feel free to invite a friend or colleague to class this week and next – if you know someone who would be interested in the material we’re covering over this fortnight, why not invite them to blog their own responses and tweet along with the class? Let us know who’s joining us in the comments on the ‘bring a friend to class‘ page.

Finally, remember to keep feeding your lifestream, and to write your weekly lifestream summaries.

Hope you enjoy the week!


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