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E-learning and Digital Cultures 2011

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Weeks 11 and 12: the home straight!

Welcome to the final stage of the course! The posthuman pedagogy tasks are arriving thick and fast, and looking fantastic. We are now starting the final period of assignment preparation. Therefore, there are no structured tasks for the next two weeks – rather, this is time to get ideas in place for your final assignment [...]

week 10: (learning about) what we are (learning about)

Good day to you all! Welcome to week 10, our final structured week of the course. You’ve spent the last couple of weeks grappling with notions of posthumanism and the cyborg, and some very fine blog posts have been written and discussed. This week we do our final set of readings, and our final course [...]

Week 9 begins!

During this week we will continue the reading, thinking and discussion on cyborgs, posthumans, and other troubling of established boundaries – building towards next week when we begin applying some of this to the challenge of pedagogy and learning design. There have been some super posts on these themes emerging in the blogs, and it [...]

Week 8 is here….

Welcome to block 3 – time has gone quickly and this is our final course section. The micro-ethnographies are coming together – still a couple to come but the majority are in and looking terrific. We suggest spending a few more days commenting on ones you may not have had a chance to see or discuss [...]

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