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LifeStream Reflections Week 5 – Community, Crowds and Networks of Individuals

This week I started out by trying to get to grips with the concept of community and at the end of the week I’m not sure I’m much further on. I began with empathising with Rheingold’s vision of the lost local community regained in the virtual environment I visited The Well where it seemed that [...]

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Uncanny pedagogy: Fear or fascination in digital learning environments

Here’ a link to my visual artefact. Looking forward to your comments!

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Words and things that go bump in the night

Kress* contends that words are empty and have to be filled with meaning. The language Sian** uses in her article e.g. uncanny, phantoms, spectres, haunting and ghostliness is a good example, in my view, of words being far from empty. For me these words are full of associations with horror fiction and convey a distinctly [...]

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How exactly is the ‘world told’ different to the ‘world shown’?

  The world told The world shown Makes explicit types of relation – causality, agency and power are explicit. Makes explicit position in a framed space – relations of entities made explicit. Objects are vaguely specified Objects are fully specified Fixed order of ‘reading’ determined by the author Open order of ‘reading’ established by the [...]

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Week 2 – Virtually real

World builder neatly illustrated how the digital brings new dimensions to virtuality, specifically the possibility to construct, interact with and change an illusionary reality rather than merely passively experience it. At the outset of the film clip the distinction between what is virtual and what is real is clear cut. The unrendered ‘prims’ are unquestionably [...]

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Before leaving Hand …..

I really enjoyed the style of the Hand article so much so that I wanted to capture some of my favourite phrases before moving on. These might also provide sparks my visual artefact. About the all embracing boundaryless network….. “Interoperable, interconnected infrastructures and the perpetual interfacing of the screened world.” An interesting definition of culture… [...]

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Why the dichotomy?

The films at the first festival were interesting illustrations of the polarised views of the impact of technology on society. Both Collossus and Bendito Machine depict a swing from hopeful utopian visions of the benefits of technology to society, for example world peace in Collossus, to the dystopian fears associated with technology taking control resulting [...]

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