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Eco bugs as post human pedagogy

I have chosen the Future Lab demonstration of Eco Bugs as my example of a post human pedagogy. The Eco Bugs ‘game’ may be viewed as a post human ‘gathering’ (Edwards, 2010) of children, game designers, the natural environment and a virtual environment which overlays the real environment but is connected to it through virtual [...]

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Thoughts on Harraway’s The Cyborg Manifesto

This Wordle visualisation illustrates the strong (anti)feminist connection that come’s through in Donna Haraway’s essay “A Cyborg Manifesto”. Centrally Haraway’s cyborg world seems to be a device for abandonning the dualisms of (wo)man/machine, mind/body etc. The cyborg provides a predominantly individualist perspective that opens up thinking around different possibilities of being in particular through our [...]

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Feenberg on the Ten Paradoxes of Technology

I have just watched a recording of Ten Paradoxes of Technology. He seems to be espousing a posthumanist perspective of technology and uses these ten paradoxes to illustrate how we are often blinded to the interdependance of the human and the technological. Here are his paradoxes and a few notes about the connection with posthumanism. [...]

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Mini ethnography – the virtual choir

Oops forgot to say where to leave comments…. Against this post would be great – thanks in anticipation

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LifeStream Reflections Week 7 – Singers adopt YouTube

This week my lifestream has been centred on further exploring the phenomenom of the virtual choir. I have visited the VC FaceBook group and browsed testimonies of individual participants. One member Songuine sums up what she has gained form being a VC participant: Through social media, I’ve been able to converse with a music professional [...]

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LifeStream Reflections Week 6 – It is a community, is it networked learning, is it a GME?

This week, through the artefacts encountered in my life stream I have been thinking about the extent to which the Virtual Choir constitutes a community. Engagement with the choir centres around a single online event or performance on YouTube. The ‘community’ is for the most part located on YouTube but participant interactions are very different [...]

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