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Lifestream Reflections – Week 2 Memes and Streams

This weeks lifestream collection uses mainly diigo sources but includes a blog post and a single tweet. I’m clearly going to have to join in with the groups tweets a little more if I am going to fulfil my aim of being more active than in IDEL. The blog post picks up the distopia/utopia theme that we explored in the film festival sessions. This was mainly sparked by an article offering an explanation for the polarisation of views and the lack of middle ground with respect to visions of the future with digital technologies. Sian added an interesting comment that offered another perspective which caused me to revisit the ideas put forward in the article.

The rest of my life stream seems to branch into many disparate areas. I think the reason for this is that I am still trying to clarify for myself what constitutes digital culture and what the implications for education might be. My collection includes a variety of media. This video about contemporary creative online culture gives examples of how image or video memes are created then propagated around the internet. Memes may be thought of as units of culture whether they be tangible objects of contemporary art as illustrated in the video or less tangible items such as ideas. Whatever their nature the internet provides a medium through which memes can propagate and transform with great rapidity. Arguably the open nature of this course also offers the opportunity for local ‘idea memes’ to emerge, be remixed and propagated around the group . It would be interesting to analyse the course blogs and lifestreams to see to what extend this is actually happening or not.

My interest this week was also captured by the work of a group of artists that seek to relocate digital artefacts from the virtual into the real world space thereby drawing attention to the differences in norms of interaction in these two different locations. For example this performance uses computer play-worlds as a means of calling attention to the changing ways people deal with privacy and identity in the public sphere.

Looking back over my life stream this week I am acutely aware that it is prompting questions such as why did I capture this, why was it significant/interesting and are there any patterns and connections between the various items. Sometimes the connections are strong and sometimes less so. This week it seems as though I have several thought threads in progress at the same time.

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