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Lifestream Reflections – Week 3

This week three distinct thought threads emerge in my life stream. Firstly there are still some thought echos around the week 1&2 readings. I particularly enjoyed Hand’s metaphorical language, I had actually thought about using some of his metaphors as possible starting points for the visual artefact. Hand’s dystopian view of our constant immersion in the digital through data streams, media broadcasts etc. led me to seek comfort in Scott Belsky’s advice for reclaiming our sacred creative thinking spaces in his blog post “What ever happened to downtime?”

My second project of the week was to start to think about the visual artefact task. I found the crowd sourced ‘Draw me a sheep’ artefact particularly appealing, it sparked a mental search into how I might incorporate this idea into my visual artefact task. It also raised questions for me around authorship. Even though each sheep artists was an author, clearly the sum was greater than its parts so perhaps authorship here is multi-layered and interconnected as each artisit is influenced by others.

Another avenue of thought was kindled by some short film clips made to mark Marshall McLuhan‘s centenary. In one clip a digital image is created using a text from a typewriter. (This did rather remind me of the early computer art where images were generated out of 0′s and 1′s!) However I suspect the creator was questioning McLuhan’s famous ‘The medium is the message’ slogan as the typewriter medium was producing an unexpected and rather out of character communication.

Thirdly I’m was seeking to make links between a JISC digital literacies workshop I attended and the EDC course. This workshop is the source of the tweets which mainly capture questions that occurred to me at the time. I’m not sure that I made any specific connections with the course other than in general digital culture implies new literacies and understanding these may help reveal new possibilities or challenges for education. Interestingly the boundary less nature of the life stream enabled items originating in a work context to intermingle seamlessly with course related items, simply by adding a tag two independent flows could be merged into one. Bringing these contxts together in this way may open the possibility of making interesting new links and sparking new ideas. Taking this further, I wonder how re-tagging might be used to capture meaning making with objects in collections of rss feeds.

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