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Lifestream Reflections – Week 9


This week my lifestream seems a rather eclectic mix which crosses context boundaries and demonstrates changes in pace of engagement. I began with a mission to get a better feel of the ideas around the cyborg and the posthuman condition. I was interested by Hayles (2006) idea of the cognishere as “distributed cultural cognitions embodied both in people and their technologies”. Searching on cognisphere led me to Alex Reid’s Digital Digs blog. He has a number of posts tagged with Cognishere and I spent a long time browsing and digesting these. His analysis the film Avatar
particularly caught my eye. He skilfully brought out the intertwined relations between the human, the digital and the biological not just in the film story but in the creation of the film and on the act of watching it! This is also a loop back to the Sci Fi examples used to trigger discussions around themes (utopian/dystopian) earlier on in the course.

A single rich source provided me with 50 postings about cyborgs. This again absorbed me for several hours and it was something I returned to on several occasions. To pick one of the many interesting points this series raised.

“It can be said that while we augment & extend our abilities through machines, machines learn more about the world through us.” “These sophisticated marketing and research tools are learning more and more about what it means to be human, and the extended sensorium of the instrumented world is giving them deep insight into the run-time processes of civilization & nature.”

Later in the week I found myself at a work related conference and restricted to short mobile posts via twitter. Some of these were notes or questions to self, the idea being to refer back to them at a later date. Of particular interest were some of the new technologies introduces by other delegates as I might be able to use them as part of the course. Thus my lifestream crossed from course to my work context and back again.
Hayles, K. N. (2006) Unfinished work: from Cyborg to Cognisphere. Theory, Culture and Society 23(7-8)

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