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I want this…

When I originally posted this video, it was without any commentary, and I let the post title speak for itself.  At the time I thought it an interesting piece of tech which tied loosely to the course because we had … Continue reading

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Week 4 Summary

I tossed around ideas for my visual artifact for most of the week.  I went from playing with PowerPoint, and Xtranormal, to doing a photo mash-up.  The technology wasn’t the issue, but the focus of the artifact was.  I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Visual artifact

  After reading the comments I thought it appropriate to provide a closer view of the elements I chose for my artifact: Johnny 5 A.I. DATA Marvin

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Week 3 Summary

A fairly quiet week for me due to personal obligations, but I was able to attend the Skype chat…  glad I made it since there were some interesting discussions. Bayne: Reflecting upon the readings for this week, I tweeted about … Continue reading

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Week 2 Summary

Other worlds… a great theme, and one which recurs in many of my favorite science fiction stories.  Taken literally, it could simply be the idea of a world different from our own… another planet, another galaxy, another time, another dimension.  … Continue reading

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Week 1 Summary

Trying to sum up my introductions and look back at the first week of the course.  While I have no fear of technology, and readily embrace it, I still had no idea what to “do” with it.  I set up … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Cyberspace

While reading the Bell (2001) article I kept remembering the movie Hackers from 1995.  The teen stars are counter culture and fighting the man… everything from their style of dress to their attitude is counter culture, punk influenced… and perhaps … Continue reading

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