About Me

Kevin Hudson

Kevin Shawn Hudson

“Who am I?” Who do YOU think I am? I could write some brief history of my past exploits, or I could sit and meditate over this rather poignant question for hours before coming up with anything useful…

Let’s just say I am me. I’ve been places, done things, met people, and all in all have a pretty good thing going. I have a beautiful 22 month old daughter that makes me smile every day, and an incredible wife that puts up with all my idiosyncrasies. I go to work, I sleep, I eat… but is that who I am? How should I define myself? In what context? As a father, a husband, a teacher, a world traveler, a student? I’m still trying to decide who I am, and I don’t think that I will ever finish… so I’ll leave it up to you to make your own determinations.

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