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6 Responses to Ethnography…

  1. Hi Kevin – I like the way you structured the prezi around some pertinent questions about the community, the tensions between the citizen’s accountability and anonymity induced by fear of potential retribution, the freedom of press and expression and control. This draws the viewer more into the field, experience what it might be like and also interact with the researcher. I ponder the questions and then confront my tentative answers with the snippets of the info selected by you. I think the power of this presentation is in its simplicity, well-chosen content and also the video at the end which is so playful in its irony. Thanks – it was worth waiting for it! :-)

  2. Austin Tate says:

    Nicely presented Kevin. and the motion did not make me sea sick this time on Prezi :-)

    I liked the thread about what it means to be a member of a community like that, and the whole issue of anonymous posts, etc.

    But having been on the receiving end of a couple of truly inappropriate requests for FOI … which I contended was all publicly accessible information already,. but was told we must respond to… I think its ridiculous to allow requests for collated information to be prepared with much time wasting just to hand over to people who cannot be bothered to look it up,. or want it collated effectively free for them when doing research, preparing an article, or just wanting to cause work for the target organisation.

    • Kevin Shawn HUDSON says:

      Thanks Austin,

      I actually feel the same about frivolous FOI requests as I am responsible for building the university website to log them and disclose the relevant information. In the case I mentioned however, the premier did not disclose the information willingly, and has tried to deny similar requests on other occasions… the information was not available elsewhere, it was only released after the fact.

  3. Austin Tate says:

    The video was hilarious

  4. Jeremy Keith Knox says:

    I liked the ways in which you used Prezi here Kevin, to focus in on particular elements, and to link images and ideas. There were some nice instances of this, particularly when you emphasised the image of the globe next to the Cayman News Service logo – an image oriented to have the islands in the centre, yet still referencing the rest of the world – mirrored in the movement between images in your first few slides, which was a great visual way to communicate the community/world question you discuss.

    I thought it was fascinating to bring in some definitions of ‘citizen’, and relate that idea about active and responsible participation to notions of community. It struck me that many of the definitions of community participation found in the digital literature seem to tend towards a more passive, loose and accommodating definition. The anonymity afforded by the digital seems to be the antithesis of accountability – and you highlight this really well. Is the responsible and accountable citizen an ideal to which community members must strive, or a basic requirement? Does a community require a certain number of accountable ‘citizens’ to function and be recognised? How do the constitutive roles with communities vary according to cultural context? These seem like very interesting questions to me, thanks.

    Overall I thought the use of movement with Prezi was excellent here, and really got me thinking about how a narrative can be accommodated through gesture.

  5. Grace Elliott says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Great ethnography and one I can totally relate to. So that’s how a Prezi presentation looks when done properly…. really like how you did it. Have to agree with Austin, the video is hilarious. Btw, have you booked an aisle or window seat???