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  1. December 13th

    1. scientists closer to Matrix style instant learning... why couldn"t I have found this 2 weeks ago? #ededc

      2:22pm via Twitter

  2. December 12th

    1. Thank you all for an interesting, thought provoking, and enjoyable semester #ededc

      7:10pm via Twitter

    2. funny comic which seems to fit with today's digital culture... always looking for the next best thing. #ededc

      7:09pm via Twitter

  3. December 11th

    1. Published Lifestream Summary.

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    2. Published Block 3 Summary – Posthumanism.

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  4. December 10th

    1. Can anyone help with lifestream comment feeds? My comments on other blogs won't post! Help! #ededc

      11:21pm via Twitter

  5. December 8th

    1. post-human pedagogy finally posted! #ededc

      9:44pm via Twitter

    2. Published Posthuman Pedagogy.

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  6. December 5th

    1. Published The medium and the message.

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  7. December 2nd

    1. Published Haraway and the Cyborg Manifesto.

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  8. November 25th

    1. Is augmenting our physical parts the route to us becoming cyborgs? #ededc

      3:11pm via Twitter

  9. November 24th

    1. Was this an attempt at making technology attractive to children,? Which was more reliant on the other? #ededc

      3:00pm via Twitter

  10. November 22nd

    1. Published TransHuman.

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  11. November 17th

    1. Published Being human….

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    2. wordpress keeps eating my posts!!! :( #ededc

      7:53pm via Twitter

    3. Published Communities.

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  12. November 15th

    1. Published My ethnography.

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    2. 'real life' seems to be back on track... time to catch up with the virtual... #ededc

      9:56pm via Twitter

    3. Micro-ethnography is finally live: #ededc

      9:51pm via Twitter

    4. Published Ethnography….

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  13. November 7th

    1. #ededc

      5:57pm via Twitter

  14. October 26th

    1. 10 most far fetched future dystopias #ededc

      8:23pm via Twitter

  15. October 25th

    1. Published I want this….

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  16. October 20th

    1. Could posting a story here and following responses be considered an ethnography? Is there even a community? #ededc

      5:00pm via Twitter

    2. Thinking of virtual communities to investigate, but I'm not a joiner. I visit sites, but don't feel part of them. Where do I start? #ededc

      4:10pm via Twitter

  17. October 19th

    1. Published Week 4 Summary.

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    2. Why does going to the administration feel like going to the principal's office? I haven't been bad, I swear! #ededc

      2:42pm via Twitter

  18. October 14th

    1. Visual artifact posted: comments appreciated... #ededc

      8:39pm via Twitter

    2. Published Visual artifact.

      8:32pm via

    3. I've made progress with my artifact, and then I see these: Suddenly I realize the bar is set REALLY high! :( #ededc

      4:21pm via Twitter

  19. October 12th

    1. really struggling with my visual artifact.. loads of ideas, but how to implement them? #ededc

      2:47pm via Twitter

  20. October 10th

    1. Published Week 3 Summary.

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  21. October 7th

    1. Published Week 2 Summary.

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  22. October 6th

    1. Published Weekly Digest for October 6th.

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  23. October 5th

    1. Kress - Words are empty entities to be filled with meaning... Ghosts to be filled with substance. #ededc

      4:36pm via Twitter

    2. Students as ghosts whisping in and out of class and although physically present, not really there. #ededc

      4:03pm via Twitter

    3. Reading Bayne and can't help but think of my students as ghosts in a haunted classroom. #ededc

      3:47pm via Twitter

    4. Published Week 1 Summary.

      12:45am via

  24. October 4th

    1. Published Weekly Digest for October 4th.

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  25. October 3rd

    1. Published Thoughts on Cyberspace.

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  26. September 30th

    1. Being too much of a perfectionist with the look of my lifestream page... Need to write some content! #ededc

      9:17pm via Twitter

  27. September 28th

    1. World Builder using tech to recapture / recreate a memory... but is it her memory of the event or his? #ededc

      9:36pm via Twitter

    2. The Poetic Holodeck... although beautiful, why a mountain and clouds? Would a sentient computer pick that as the "real environment" #ededc

      9:12pm via Twitter

  28. September 23rd

    1. spirited discussion in an introductory computer class today that started off discussing the internet and ended with world religion.. #ededc

      3:53pm via Twitter

  29. September 20th

    1. Published Thoughts on HAND.

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    2. Is free will an illusion? Jude doesn't want to kill, but does. Bendito's people seem happy with the cow ye… (cont)

      8:15pm via Twitter

  30. September 19th

    1. Colossus: If you obey me, you will survive... tied into Bendito TV as prophet... those that walked away, died.. pretty bleak outlook #ededc

      4:44pm via Twitter

    2. wow, the clip from eXistenZ is bizarre! I'm at a loss for comments... #ededc

      4:33pm via Twitter

  31. September 12th

    1. Published Hello world!.

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  32. September 5th

    1. Looking forward to the course... #ededc

      3:42pm via Twitter

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